Multiswitches – 16-way Enhanced multiswitch

  • Number of inputs: 5
  • Number of outputs: 16
  • Frequency range terrestrial: 40-790MHz
  • Frequency range satellite: 950-2150MHz
  • Gain: terrestrial: 4dB Av.
  • Gain: satellite: 3dB Av.
  • Isolation: OUT/OUT: 30dB Typ.
  • Max output: terrestrial: 95dBuV (60dB IMD3-EN50083-5)
  • Max output: satellite: 104dBuV (35dB IMD3-EN50083-3)
  • Power for terrestrial pre-amp: 12V DC 100mA


  • Built-in compatibility to Quad or Quattro LNB’s
  • No adjustment required
  • Switch for 12V line power on terrestrial input for pre-amplifier
  • Switch-mode power supply for improved reliability
  • Built in 4G LTE800 filtering

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