Masthead UHF 2-way distribution amplifier

Specifications LMA209R
Number of inputs 1
Number of outputs 2
Frequency range 470-782MHz
Gain 10dB
Noise Figure Typ. <2dB
Max output level (IMA3 -60dB) 94dBμv
Isolation between outlets 18dB
RED, EMC and LVD Compliant
Power required 12V DC 60mA


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 LMA209R – Masthead UHF 2 way distribution amplifier
  • 1 in, 2 out with class 3 filtering
  • Lifts signal to feed an extra point and overcome loss in cables
  • Easy to install, nothing to adjust


Fixed Gain Masthead Amplifiers

The new Labgear masthead range builds on years of experience supplying the professional installer. Packed with features to make installing simpler and more reliable.

  • LTE800 filtering on UHF products
  • Choose low-noise fixed gain options or inter-stage variable gain products
  • Fully screened modules tilt-out to make cable connection simpler
  • Heavy duty metal mast clamp for sturdy fitting
  • Weatherproof housing with foam seal


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