Masthead 4-way amplifier with power supply (Kit)

Specifications LMA415VR
Number of inputs 2
Number of outputs 4
Frequency range

470-782 / 87-230MHz

Gain 0-15dB
Noise Figure Typ. <2dB
Max output level (IMA3 -60dB) 92dBμv
Isolation between outlets 18dB
RED, EMC and LVD Compliant
Power required 12V DC 60mA


Specifications PSUFC
DC output 12VDC – Voltage tolerance 5% – Current 300mA max
Connector type Type-F (female) IEC60169-24
Frequency range 5-1000MHz
Signal insertion loss 0.5dB
Power requirement under load 230V~50Hz max. 5W
Power requirement under no load 220-240V~50Hz at <0.3W
Power indicator Green LED
Operating temperature 0-40oC
Dimensions 60.5(L) x 35.5(W) x 24.7(H) mm


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Kit contents:

LMA415VR – Masthead UHF amplifier, single output, variable gain

  • 1 in, 1 out with class 3 filtering
  • Adjustable gain up to 25dB for weak signal areas or longer cables
  • Adjust down to prevent overload


PSUFC – Power supply for masthead amplifiers

  • Low noise mains powered unit delivers 12V via coax to mastheads
  • Rated to 300mA and compatible with all Labgear masthead amplifiers
  • Compact design with ‘F’ connectors


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