Introducing the LC to LC Multimode Duplex OM3 LSZH Fibre Optic Cable, now available in a convenient 1-metre length. Elevate your networking solutions with this high-quality fiber optic cable, designed for exceptional data transmission and safety.

  • High-grade 900μm multimode fibers ensure optimal data transmission for high-density applications.
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) material minimizes toxic emissions, providing a safer cabling solution for public spaces and health facilities.
  • LC to LC connectors ensure secure and high-precision connections critical for maintaining data integrity.
  • OM3 fiber rating ensures compatibility with a wide range of network hardware, facilitating smooth integration into existing infrastructure.
  • The 1-meter length supports efficient network design, maintaining a clutter-free workspace, especially in server racks and IT closets.
Description Details
Connector Type LC to LC
Ferrule Material Ceramic
Mode Type Multimode
Fibre Type OM3
Core/Cladding Diameter 50/125μm
Buffer Diameter 900μm
Jacket Material Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
Cable Length 1 metre
Wavelength Optimized for 850nm VCSELs for high-speed data transfer
Bandwidth 2000 MHz-km effective modal bandwidth (EMB) at 850nm
Maximum Attenuation 2.3 dB/km at 850nm, 0.6 dB/km at 1300nm
Minimum Bend Radius 7 times the outer diameter for unshielded cable
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Pulling Tension 200 N max
Numeric Aperture 0.200 nominal
Maximum Distance Up to 100m at 40Gbps, up to 300m at 10Gbps
Simplex/Duplex Duplex
Cable Construction Microcore® technology for enhanced performance
Cable Diameter 2.0mm nominal overall
Fire Rating Meets OFNP or OFNR, IEC 60332-1, and IEC 60332-3 standards
Transmission Speed Up to 40Gbps for short distances
Standards Compliance TIA/EIA-492AAAC, IEC 60793-2-10, IEC 61754-4, ISO/IEC 11801
Strain Relief 100 kpsi min
Polarity A-to-B cross, compliant with TIA 568 standard
Crush Resistance 500 N/100mm
Impact Resistance 1.0 Nm (impacts)
Flexibility 5000 cycles
Installation Temperature 0°C to +50°C
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