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Producer Responsibility Statement (WEEE/Batteries/Packaging Waste).

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations and batteries waste regulations

Philex Electronic Ltd, as a responsible producer, employs type testing and certification to ensure that its products comply with UK/EU regulations.  As well as contributing to product safety, this also restricts what materials are used and which ones are excluded from our products.  As such most of the harmful materials that were once used in electronic goods and batteries are not present in modern UKCA/CE compliant products.  This does not mean they are completely harmless, as safe alternatives have not been found for all materials, so it is still very important that they are recycled responsibly to divert these materials from polluting ground water through landfilling.

Recycling electronics and batteries also contributes positively to the environment by reducing the need for mining and extraction processes which typically have an ecologically cost and greater energy cost.

Electronic products and batteries are required to carry a symbol to remind the end user to recycle.  If you see either of the following symbols

on a product, it means it should not be disposed of to unsorted waste.  Don’t bin it, recycle it!

Some local authorities now offer collection services (for separated wastes) via the regular domestic waste collections but if this is not available in your area, take your electronic waste products and waste batteries to your local recycling centre for recycling.  Contact your local authority for details of publicly run centres or click either of the following links and enter your postcode to find lots of sites local to you for different types of waste.

If it is more convenient for you to send your WEEE to us for recycling, then you may do so by sending it (at your own expense) to the following address.  Please mark your package as WEEE.  Please note that this service is restricted to like for like WEEE.  So you may only send us your old electrical product if you buy a new one from us.

Philex Electronic Ltd.
Philex House
Kingfisher Warf
London Road
MK42 0NX

As we do not sell batteries separately, we do not offer a recycling service for batteries and suggest you dispose of any batteries not integral to your Philex supplied products to a recycling point at your local supermarket or any of the places listed on the erp-recycle or recycle now links above.

Philex Electronic Ltd, complies with its obligations under the WEEE regulations and batteries regulations through membership of the European Recycling Platform’s (ERP) Producer Compliance Schemes.

Our WEEE registration number is WEE/GG0071UZ

Our Batteries registration number is BPRN01043

Packaging Waste

Philex is committed to keeping packaging waste to the minimum required to prevent damage to the product in transit and storage.  Remember that a product that does not reach its customer intact wastes not only the packaging, but all of the materials and manufacturing materials and energy used to make that product and transport it.  Robust packaging is ecologically sound.  This said, the choice of material is increasingly critical and as better ecological choices are becoming available we are taking them up, using more paper and far less plastic in our packaging.

Philex Electronic Ltd complies with its obligations under the Packaging Waste regulations by membership of ERP’s Packaging Waste compliance scheme.

Our EA packaging waste registration number is NPWD231827

We encourage our customers to recycle our packaging wherever possible and have begun printing material identifiers on our packaging to aid recyclers.