OneAdaptr Launches ‘FLIP’

The British plug has always been bulky and limited to the one basic function of powering one device. Oneadaptr have taken the British plug on a diet! Taking it down to just 18mm thick, a slimline and modern design has made this easily portable plug the ideal charging device for anyone looking to charge via…

New SLx TV Top Indoor Aerial now available

The new TV Top Indoor Aerial from SLx is now available from Philex Electronic Ltd. Generating a signal gain of up to 20dB, this SLx amplified indoor aerial is great for improving your digital TV imagery while discretely sitting onto of your flat screen TV. The SLx TV Top Indoor Aerial receives Full HD

OneAdaptr Twist

OneAdaptr Twist Range Review From OxGadgets

Get travel ready with the OneAdaptr range “We love seeing Kickstarter successes. Not all of them share the same success as Pebble, but the ones that do and deliver are great, and fill our hearts with love and admiration. OneAdaptr is one such story. Their campaign ran at the back end of last year, and…