i-box Ellipsis smart speaker builds on Amazon Dot to ensure Alexa is always fully plugged-in

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Bedfordshire company launches i-box Ellipsis, the Alexa-enabled, problem-solving smart speaker that plugs directly into the Mains

Bedfordshire, England July 2018 – i-box announces the Ellipsis smart speaker. The ingenious little unit brings all the user-convenience of an Amazon Alexa-enabled product and removes the perennial issue of trailing cables encroaching on the likes of kitchen work surfaces and table tops.

Mainlining convenience

Typically, users place smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo Dot, on kitchen worktops, tables or shelves. Consequently, valuable space is given up to accommodating the likes of the Dot’s trailing cable as well as the speaker unit itself. The i-box Ellipsis plugs directly into the Mains, immediately freeing up surfaces, and in the process keeping itself well away from worktop grime as well as eschewing unsightly wiring.

Wall of sound

The i-box Ellipsis also sonically raises the ‘smart speaker bar’, especially compared with the best selling Amazon Echo Dot. While its design remains compact – small enough, even when plugged into parallel sockets, to not intrude on an electrical neighbour – the i-box design still brings an uplift in audio performance. Armed with a powerful little amplifier, the Ellipsis cleverly uses the surface of the wall to which it is attached, to help further amplify, boost bass and spread audio. The result is a smart speaker easily capable of sonically punching above its diminutive weight.

Alexa enabled

You can talk to Amazon Alexa on the i-box Ellipsis. With Alexa, you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so it’s always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to the device automatically. Using Alexa on the i-box Ellipsis is simple and hands-free – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

Fill in the gaps

‘Alexa black spot’ scenarios are a further potential issue for smart speaker users. Here, smart speakers are installed solely in the main living locations – the kitchen and living room, for example – often resulting in black spots where Alexa can’t hear your voice commands; not without you yelling at least!

The i-box Ellipsis provides the ideal, and affordable, black spot solution. Simply plug an Ellipsis into a power outlet situated in the previously out-of-reach
area – likely to be, say, a corridor, hallway, or landing – and you can ensure that Alexa will hear your every command, even those given as you travel throughout the house.

Because I’m appy

The i-box Ellipsis comes complete with a new, dedicated app. Compatible with Android and iOS, users can download it for free and use it to help with the initial set-up (an Amazon user account is required). The app also enables control of one of the world’s dinkiest ever multi-room speaker systems – you can connect up to eight Ellipsis speakers in one network, distributing music all around the home with minimal impact on floorspace and interior design.

The i-box model also works with the streaming services that smart speaker users are familiar with, including: Amazon Music, Pandora (Date TBC), Spotify, Tunein, iHeart Radio and locally stored music.

On-sale End August 2018

The i-box Ellipsis goes on-sale this August. Priced at £59.99, the smart speaker will be initially available to buy direct from Amazon and iboxstyle.com.


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