Our merchandising lab at Bedford allows us to physically try out store layouts of product and POP displays to make sure they stimulate customer interest.

We use our specialised planogramming software to adjust layouts to fit individual stores with different display spaces available. Detailed plans can then be communicated to stores around the UK.

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POP displays are designed in house by our designers either following our own brand style guides or the in-store guides provided by our customers. POPs are ideal for products that need some explanation or which need to be seen and demonstrated.

  • Merchandising Lab

    Allows us to build, test and develop real life displays of product and POP displays.

  • Virtual Store Layouts

    Our design studio has the know how and software to render 3D layouts of new and existing product in a realistic store format.

  • POS Design

    We specialise in the design of counter top and free-standing product displays to entice the customer with exciting impulse buys and essential add-ons.